Illusion Strike EX
Illusion Strike EX
During Illusion Strike, you can enter Normal Attack button or Special Attack button to throw blades and stop the Illusion Strike. Special Attack button throws the blades in all directions.
Learned by
Class Abyss Walker
Type Passive Enhancement
Attribute Dark
Mana Cost 1006 (PvE)
1904 (PvP)
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 47
Required Skill/s Illusion Strike Level 1
Learning Fee 3 SP
Weapon Used Dagger
Gameplay Video
Illusion Strike EX00:05

Illusion Strike EX

Skill Information Edit

Level Req. Level ATK/Blade
1 47 +30%


In Other LocalizationsEdit

일루전 스트라이크 EX

Illusion Strike EX, Korea

Abyss Walker Skills
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Dark Incarnation Dark Incarnation Illusion Strike EX Illusion Strike EX
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Plasma Burst EX Plasma Burst EX
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Class Mastery II Class Mastery II Nightfall EX Nightfall EX

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