Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge
After collecting energy, press the [Normal Attack Button] while running forward to give powerful attacks. During attacks, damages from enemies are reduced by 50%. If the last [Line Drive] is hit accurately, additional 100% damage can be given.








Infinity Edge00:10

Infinity Edge

Requirements Edit

Master Level Required Skill Required Warrior SP Total more then: Learning SP Cost SP per Skill Lv
Lv. 2 40 Line Drive 45 3 SP 1 SP


  • This skill can be used to damage bosses without the risk of being hit due to the skill's now innate invincibility. This does not apply to PvP, however.
  • For most Swordmasters use the Ultimate skill if the player wants a more slashes to the enemy especially for Gladiators; after doing the Infinity Edge then after Line Drive forward, it Line Drives again at the position when the first Line Drive launched, then followed by Hacking Stance EX then cancel the stance followed by a numerous slash combos as like Infinity Edge and ending with Finish Attack. Making it a "Infinity Edge Extension" skill without interrupted.
  • This skill uses in order:
    • Line Drive's initial animation
    • Rising Slash
    • Cyclone Slash (sword animation)
    • Triple Slash
    • Eclipse
    • Hacking Stance (about 3 hits as seen in the skill video)
    • Impact Punch
    • Deep Straight (lunge part)
    • Rising Slash
    • Line Drive (charge)

Swordmaster Skills
Triple Slash Triple Slash Dash Slash Dash Slash Aerial Combo Aerial Combo Moonlight Splitter Moonlight Splitter
Dash Combo Dash Combo Parrying Parrying
Front Shove Front Shove Eclipse Eclipse Parrying Stance Parrying Stance Cyclone Slash Cyclone Slash
Hacking Stance Hacking Stance Brave Brave Counter Slash Counter Slash Crescent Cleave Crescent Cleave
Line Drive Line Drive Provoking Slam Provoking Slam Counter Exile Counter Exile Halfmoon Slash Halfmoon Slash
Infinity Edge Infinity Edge Great Wave Great Wave
Removed skills: Parrying StanceCounter Slash

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