The inventory is a catalog of items that are carried (i.e. not stored in a Warehouse) and not currently equipped by a character. It shows items as icons denoting the appearance of the item, its rarity and the amount of that item in the character's possession. Because of the limited default amount of inventory slots given to a character and how an item stacks in the inventory, a player must learn how to conserve inventory space, especially when doing quests and entering dungeons.

A player can access one's inventory by pressing the Inventory button (default shortcut I).

The Inventory WindowEdit

A character's inventory window is composed of four tabs, which contain the following:

  • General Inventory - most items that can be obtained in the game can be found here.
  • Quest Item Inventory - reserved for items that are exclusively for the use of quests.
  • Cash Item Inventory - Cash Items acquired by the Player can be found here.
  • Gestures - lists down the gestures usable by the character.

The window also denotes the current gold a character holds, a Sort Items button to properly organize items according to its usage, and a Delete Item button used if one decides to delete an item.

Maximizing Inventory SpaceEdit

By default, a character has a maximum of 40 inventory slots, including those given by Leveling Rewards. If one wishes to add more slots to one's inventory, the Player may purchase Adventurer's Expansion Bags in the Cash Shop. (Take note that transferring a purchased Expansion Bag into one's inventory, the expansion will be applied immediately, making it impossible to trade to others.)

If the Player does not wish to purchase Cash Items, there are some tips in helping maximize the 40 slots given to a character.

  • If there are enough character slots, create a mule character. A mule character can act as a secondary inventory for a player's main character by carrying important items in that character's behalf. In order to send items from the mule to other characters, use the Mail system (see below).
  • Use the Mail system to send items to one's other characters. Since a person's Warehouse is unique to every character, use the Mail to send items to other characters. Remember that without Premium Magic Stamps, a character may only send five inventory slots worth of items per day.
  • Plan which items are needed now and which must be stored or sold. If the character is a low-level one, and has obtained items that might be helpful in the future, store it in the Warehouse for the meantime, but also take note that Warehouse slots are limited as well, so plan carefully.

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