Iron Skin
Iron Skin
Enters a very powerful [Super Armour] state for a while
Learned by
Class Mercenary
Type Buff
Cooldown 35 sec (PvP)

60 sec (PvE)

Mana Cost 0 MP
Maximum Level 1
Buffs Iron Skin: Lowers incoming damage.
Character Level 30
Skill Points 30 SP used on Warrior skills
Required Skill/s Resentment
Learning Fee 10 SP to learn
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Iron Skin is a Mercenary skill available at Level 30. It gives a buff that lowers the amount of damage received by the user by 60% (15% in PvP) for 30 seconds (9 seconds in PvP).


  • Patch Version 184: Maximum level and SP requirement changed; Cooldown has been changed to 45 seconds. (PVP)
  • Patch Version 109: Skill Description will now display correctly.
  • Patch Version 83: (PvP) Damage reduction effect decreased by 50%.
  • Patch Version 64: (PVP) Cooldown increased from 45 seconds to 48 seconds, Damage reduction decreased from 17% to 7%.
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