Judgement Hammer EX
Judgement Hammer EX
Judgement Hammer is enhanced. The hammer returns to the character and gives damage to enemies on its way back. The amount of damage will be unchanged.
Learned by
Class Crusader
Type EX skill
Attribute Light
Mana Cost 3702 MP
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 80
Skill Points 2 SP to learn
Required Skill/s Judgement Hammer
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Judgement Hammer EX is a Crusader skill available at Level 80. This skill improves the Paladin skill Judgement Hammer, adding 8 more hits to the skill by causing the hammer to return.

The base damage values of Judgement Hammer are unchanged.

In Other LocalizationsEdit

Judgmental Hammer EX

North America

Crusader Skills
Judge's Power Judge's Power
Judgement Hammer Judgement Hammer Holy Relic EX Holy Relic EX
Sacred Hammering EX Sacred Hammering EX
Lightning Zap EX Lightning Zap EX
Class Mastery Class Mastery Electric Smite EX Electric Smite EX
Class Mastery II Class Mastery II Judgement Hammer EX Judgement Hammer EX

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