Justice Crash EX
Justice Crash EX
Justice Crash is enhanced. When the character is in the air, the enemies are hit up into the air and pulled to thrash them back onto the ground. However, targets will not be hit up into the air when you use jump key.
Learned by
Class Guardian
Type Passive Enhancement
Attribute Light
Mana Cost 4160 MP (PvE)

10564 MP (PvP)

Maximum Level 1
Character Level 80
Skill Points 2 SP to learn
Required Skill/s Justice Crash
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Justice Crash EX is a Guardian skill available at Level 80. It enhances Justice Crash by causing enemies around the user to be tossed into the air when the skill is used, except if the skill is activated by using the Jump key. The skill deals 50% more damage.

Guardian Skills
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Justice Crash Justice Crash
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Class Mastery Class Mastery Divine Punishment EX Divine Punishment EX
Class Mastery II Class Mastery II Justice Crash EX Justice Crash EX

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