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Gender Male
Race Human
Age 12
Hometown Saint Haven
Occupation Ruler of the Northern Kingdom
Relatives Unnamed father
King Cassius II (grandfather)
King Cassius I (great-grandfather)
Duke Stuart (uncle)
King Feather
Current Location Saint Haven Castle
Status Alive
Voiced by Raphael Barker (English SEA)
Shiori Izawa (Japanese)
Additional Information
Star Sign Gemini
Blood Type A
Height 137 cm
Weight 36 kg
Likes All things red
Knight King Cassius
Dislikes Politics
Affiliation Cassius Castle Guild

Cassius III is the young king of the northern kingdom, named after his grandfather and former king, Cassius II. He currently resides in Saint Haven Castle in Saint Haven, the capital city of the Northern Kingdom.


He received the throne at a young tender age, and aspires to be a great respected ruler like Knight King Cassius. Because of his youth, family members are often overly protective of him, especially his uncle, whom he often complains about.

Despite his age and his earlier-than-expected rise to the throne, he has shown sympathy towards the soldiers of the Saint Haven Army, and has been striving hard to become a good leader to them. He has also shown an interest in becoming an adventurer, although his current status prohibits, if not heavily restricts, his actions.

His dream of becoming an adventurer has caused him to decide to switch roles with an impoverished boy named Robinson, who closely resembles him, and keeping this secret activity with him to themselves and a Royal Guard named Donald, who agreed to cooperate with him.

Initially, Cassius and Robinson were able to switch roles without most people noticing, and during these adventures, Cassius realized that the world outside the castle is in fact dangerous not as exciting as he imagines it to be, although this didn't stop him from going into more adventures himself. Soon, Cassius' stay outside the castle became more frequent, and Donald, the only one who knows about the secrets of the king and Robinson, has decided to use this opportunity to try to destabilize the kingdom by permanently replacing Cassius with Robinson and killing Cassius.

With the help of the Player, Donald's plan was thwarted while the role-switching affair between Cassius and Robinson remained a secret.



  • "Ca-can you describe the world outside?"
    "You are dismissed."



Attention please.

"Do come to me often and tell me about your adventures. Maybe anytime soon..."



In other localizationsEdit


Japanese for Cassius


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