Lady Kayleen
Gender Female
Race Human
Age No comment
Hometown Unknown
Occupation Sorceress
Court Sorceress of Saint Haven Castle
Current Location Anu Arendel
Status Alive
Voiced by Hiromi Igarashi (Japanese)
Additional Information
Star Sign Aries
Blood Type B
Height 168 cm
Weight No comment
Likes The color red, tangy fragrances
Dislikes Clerics, Dragon Followers, annoyances
Affiliation Cassius Palace
Desired Gifts Spitflower Extract
Red Rose
Freesia Perfume
Rose Bouquet
Hand Mirror
The 6 Heroes Figure Series (Karacule)

Lady Kayleen is the Court Sorceress of Saint Haven Royal Castle and the representative of Fairystar for Saint Haven. She was a student of Karacule, one of the Six Heroes, along with Stella and Tamara. Like most sorceresses, she has a strong dislike for clerics, often seen bickering with Duke Stuart. She suspected of Bishop Ignacio's ill intentions from the beginning.


Kayleen is a young-looking lady with red wavy hair and red pupils. She is dressed in a maroon flowing dress whose design is common to Sorceress fashion and drapes a maroon cape with a blue trim over her back. Her accessories include a circlet with a blue gem and a cone-shaped hair accessory which shares the same look as her staff, which resembles a jousting stick.

As do most Sorceresses, Kayleen is overly proud of her abilities and possesses a vain personality that is easily swayed by words of beauty offered to her. However, she is actually experienced in the creation of concoctions, including the production of Dream Powder and cosmetics, although her choice of ingredients are somewhat questionable (she mentioned using gunpowder as one of her secrets in maintaining her skin's beauty).


The Adamant Court SorceressEdit

During the campaigns against the Dark Overlord Army in the Dark Mines by General Douglas, Lady Kayleen had an argument with Duke Stuart about who will be sent to assist the army in the campaign. At the end of the argument, despite the Player's intervention, Lady Kayleen refuses to help directly, and the Player would eventually be deployed by Bishop Ignacio.

The rest of the campaign against the Dark Overlord Army became a success while she left the campaign to the Saint Haven Army and the Player, assisted by Argenta and Geraint.

Investigating the Nameless TyrantEdit

Lady Kayleen also became involved in the investigation of a mysterious monarch who was erased from the records of Saint Haven — a man by the name of Rodain — and she would contribute in retrieving certain relics from Rodain's and her wife Lucifina's history.

In Anu ArendelEdit

After Karacule's death, Kayleen became Cidel's new tutor and has accompanied him to Anu Arendel. Lady Kayleen and Terramai commanded together the Saint Haven Royal Army in an ambush against King Feather, however he easily escaped.


In order to begin befriending Lady Kayleen, one must finish a series of quests that involves Kayleen using Dream Powder for the Player to enter her dream. When the Aversion system was still active, giving gifts to Lady Kayleen with raise one's Aversion with Duke Stuart and one's Friendship with Master Sorceress Stella. Meanwhile, gifts given to Master Cleric Enoch will increase Aversion with Lady Kayleen and giving gifts to Stella will raise Friendship with Kayleen.


Kayleen Bromide

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