Map of Altea with Labels

The map of Lagendia.

Lagendia is the world where most of the events in Dragon Nest occur. It is the home of various races such as humans, elves (those from Anu Arendel, dark elves), goblins, trolls, minotaurs, lizardmen, and many others. Lagendia is the creation of the goddess Altea, and was blessed by her magic until she was poisoned by her sister Vestinel.

After its conception, Lagendia has been the center of constant conflict as it became the stage for many battles amongst powerful creatures like dragons and the Ancients who first inhabited Lagendia. After the Ancients suddenly disappeared, humans erected a kingdom and forged alliances with the elves of Anu Arendel, who would later join forces to battle the fierce dragon Karas in a tumultous battle. Despite this, Lagendia remains vulnerable to further conflicts, especially with the rise of power of the Red Dragon's minions, the Dragon Followers.


Early HistoryEdit

Lagendia was created from the dreams of the goddess Altea, who also created its first inhabitants, the Ancients, and the Ancient Dragon and Chaos Dragon. Under Altea's kindness and the good deeds of the Ancients, Lagendia flourished while under the protection of the two dragons. However, the goddess Vestinel grew jealous over Altea, and in her jealousy, Vestinel poisoned Altea.

Altea vestinel 2

In a stylized illustration, Vestinel (top) is depicted as watching Altea succumb to her poison.

Altea survived due to her divine lineage, but fell into a deep sleep as she continued to suffer under Vestinel's poison. The poison soon manifested as evil that contaminated the hearts of the Ancients. Meanwhile, Vestinel released her creation, the Beyond Dragon from her own world Mist Land and Lagendia swiftly fell into chaos. The Ancient Dragon and the Chaos Dragon joined forces to defeat the Beyond Dragon and were barely victorious. However, the Chaos Dragon's exposure to the Beyond Dragon's energy corrupted itself, and the Ancient Dragon is forced to fight against the contaminated Chaos Dragon in an epic battle.

The battle between the two protectors of Lagendia ended with the remains of the Chaos Dragon scattered throughout Lagendia, while the Ancient Dragon, severely weakened from battle, disintegrated itself as well. Meanwhile, the population of the Ancients were dragged close to extinction, and another race soon came to rule over the land of Lagendia: the human race.

Rise of Humans and MagicEdit

As the once-powerful Ancients dwindled in power and numbers, a powerful Ancient named Bishas Arnobius taught magic to two human disciples: Marian and Jacob, who would later become the founders of Vision Magic and Divine Magic, respectively. Under the guidance of the first human magicians, the human race rose in power, gaining powers to control the elements and to display the might of Altea herself. However, the Sorcerers of the Fairystar and the Clerics of the Cleric Order eventually became at odds with each other, and the long-running conflict between the two factions began.

The Chaos Dragon and the Ancient Dragon soon awoke from the remnants of their jewels. From the Chaos Dragon came vicious beasts that shaped the land, while two beings who descended from the Ancient Dragon, who later called themselves Geraint and Argenta, began their duties to seal the beasts and maintain the peace of Lagendia while unknown from most of humanity.

Geraint vs Karas 1

Geraint (right), fights Karas in a fight between dragons.

Peace in Altea's dreamworld did not last long, as various groups threatened to shatter the peace in Lagendia. The Dragon Followers, led by a man named Feder, corrupted the minds of people regardless of race as his influence spread across the land, and the Red Army and Dark Overlord Army, both of which represented by nonhuman leaders, marched towards the Northern Kingdom's capital, Saint Haven, to assume superiority. This eventually culminated into the Black Dragon Raid, a massive campaign to defeat a dragon called Karas before it could destroy the city. Geraint, trusting the human resolve, gathered five adventurers to oppose Karas—Barnac, Nerwin, Karacule, Terramai and Velskud—and the six heroes marched to lead the forces that would defeat the Black Dragon while Argenta dealt with the Red Army, led by the Dark Elf Queen Elena. Although the campaign succeeded, the human resistance reeled from the poison spread by Karas' poison, and Geraint's identity as a dragon, as well as Velskud's unexpected betrayal, shattered the bond amongst the six leaders of the resistance. Despite this, parts of the story remained intact, allowing the six to be remembered as heroes—the Six Heroes.

The Prophet Exposed Edit

Forty years passed since the Black Dragon Raid, and the prophecy of a girl who holds the power to see the future stirred the peace in the Western Continent as nonhuman races once more began acting with hostility. For the next ten years, the girl, named Rose, but also known to others as a Prophet, lived a life of peace in Prairie Town until she was targeted by orcs and harpies under Elena's control and was dragged between a power struggle between the Red Army and Velskud, who had been struggling to control the Black Dragon jewel inside his body. Meanwhile, as the prophecy of Rose was revealed to the Clerics and Sorceresses of Mana Ridge, the existence of Dragon Followers within the members of the Cleric Order alarmed the two factions.

In a show of determination, both the Cleric Order and Fairystar agreed to cooperate not only to save the Prophet, but also to deal with the greater threats ahead. This eventually brings them together with other adventurers from Lagendia: the Warrior on a search for his father's whereabouts, the Archer in search for her purpose in life, the Academic who is gathering information about the past, the Kali who is looking for the man who killed her villagepeople, the Assassin who is fighting a conflict regarding his "other self", the Lancea who is traveling with her sister, and the Machina who vows to exact justice to her fellow tribesmen.


Saint Haven, post-reconstruction.

The adventurers began a journey from Calderock Village to Saint Haven to confront the person who had Rose captive and, were successful in retrieving Rose after joining another Black Dragon Raid, this time with Velskud using his powers as the Black Dragon. However, the raid was met with a similar fate as the previous one 50 years ago; the adventurers were poisoned by the dragon's blood, and Geraint was forced to intervene, losing his sight in the encounter. Geraint later died as Rose changed hands, with Bishop Ignacio showing his true colors as an Apostle of the Dragon Followers and summoning a previously failed experiment in creating a man-made dragon, Serpentra. The infamous Sea Dragon was later slain by Velskud, and the adventurers continued their search of Rose once more as they looked for a cure to their contaminated bodies, a task that not even the veteran Sorceress Karacule was able to find all her life.

Eventually, Rose was found and was returned to Saint Haven by the current leader of the Cleric Order, Terrence Terramai, who became the Pope after Ignacio's betrayal. (A fact known to few was that he is also the shadow leader of the Brotherhood of Steel, previously led by Barnac.) However, even Velskud was in disbelief that the girl was the same Prophet from before. His doubts were confirmed as he himself was attacked by Rose, taking a new form she later called Rozalinde. Velskud was dragged into a life-threatening state after losing his Black Dragon jewel, but he managed to regain his strength after receiving the jewel of Daisy, a mysterious girl later linked to the Ancient Dragon, the Academic's "sister" Jasmine, and a campaign by forces from the future to conquer Lagendia.

Rise and Fall of the Dragon Followers Edit


Anu Arendel, the city of the Elven Kingdom. The Tree of Life can be seen in the background.

The forces of the Dragon Followers shifted their attention to the Elven Kingdom in Anu Arendel to act both as a diversion and to make an advance to the Monolith, a massive portal that links Lagendia to Mistland. The forests surrounding Anu Arendel were poisoned and candidates to the successor of Nerwin, now known as the Elven Queen Narsilia, were killed; the Tree of Life, however, chose an unlikely candidate: one of the Apostles, Yuvenciel, who later assumed the new identity of Federeth. Ironically, it is through his reign that the forces of Saint Haven and Anu Arendel were able to unite to confront the Dragon Followers. Geraint, in a younger and more immature form, soon joined Argenta and the adventurers for a counterattack against the Dragon Followers and its leader, the former king of the Northern Kingdom, Feder.

The Flame of Destruction

(background) The Monolith. (foreground, left) The Seal Stone, with Lunaria standing to the right.

Although Saint Haven suffered from an ambush by Feder's forces, the alliance remained strong, and the adventurers were able to safely pursue him through a stone given by the specter of Gaharam in spite of the insanity-inducing landscape surrounding the Monolith. Eventually, Feder confronted the adventurers, Argenta, Geraint and Velskud, and lost his Black Dragon jewel. On the other hand, Argenta sacrificed herself to keep the nightmares released by the Monolith at bay. Feder barely escaped the battle and fled to Ayrn Island, where he, with Jasmine's technology, gained control of half of the jewel of Rubinart, the Red Dragon, and faced the adventurers on a siege-like re-encounter. Ultimately, Feder was slain and the power of the Dragon Followers splintered across Lagendia, even as some of the Apostles survived.

Although the greatest threat in Lagendian soil has been vanquished, the danger of Mistland's influence remained clear and present. In order to find out a way to seal the Monolith from the side of Mistland, the adventurers started an arduous journey through the dimensional cracks guided by the Priestesses of Darkness to Vestinel's dreamworld. Meanwhile, as Lagendia begins its period of recovery, peace seemed to have started to return once more, or has it?


  • Altea's Lagendia and Vestinel's Mist Land are also called Alcheringa or "dream worlds", based on how the worlds came to be. Alcheringa, in Australian Aboriginal mythology, is the name of the spirit that created the world.
  • The Japanese version of Dragon Nest refers to Altea's dreamworld as Altea as opposed to Lagendia in the SEA version.

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