Lagendia Continent Exploration
Location Directly accessed through shortcut icon
Race/s Various
Boss Various
Instance Info
Instance Type Instanced area
Recommended Levels At least Level 40
Entry Ticket Entry Ticket (non-item)
Party Size Limit 1 player
Entry Limit 2 runs per day

Lagendia Continent Exploration is a seasonal game feature that resembles a board game. Players get to relive the adventures of Loffy the Beggar and acquire gold keys by performing tasks within a limited time period.

Background Edit

Overview Edit

Game Mechanics Edit

The game is composed of 24 spaces, with players starting on the first space. Players use a six-sided die to determine how many spaces the player must move through the board, and whichever space the player lands will determine the objectives required to obtain the Gold Keys in that space.

The game can be forfeited by clicking on the "Return" button at the middle of the board. This, however, can only be done while on the board itself and not while doing an objective. Upon leaving the game, all Lagendia Gold Keys in the player's inventory will be removed.

Rankings Edit

Every week, there are two kinds of rankings for players who have cleared LCE: rankings for fastest time, and rankings for most number of Lagendia Gold Keys attained in a single run. Rankings begin on Saturday of each week, with a grace period of two hours (7 am to 9 am GMT+8) between each week. Up to 50 Goddess Teardrops are given to players at the top of either ranking.

Map List Edit

No. Name Objective Gold Key Reward
1 Island of Destroyed Future Defeat Apocalypse Neo within 3 minutes. 1 or 2
2 Island of Fallen Hero 1 or 2
3 Island of Raging Machines 1 or 2
4 Island of Collapsed City Defeat Rrrumble within 3 minutes. 1 or 2
5 Island of Rhapsody Resembling the Constan stage in Gigantes Nest, players must complete a memory game by clicking on one of eight musical statues in proper order. Three rounds, 4-minute timer. 1 or 2
6 Island of Hungry Mongrel An encounter similar to the Cerberus Nest boss stage, the player is tasked with depleting the super armor of any one of Cerberus Kakalri's heads within 3 minutes. 3 or 4
7 Island of Collapsed Mine Defeat Orge Stompy within 3 minutes. 1 or 2
8 Island of Missing Treasure Map Find Gosuk who's hidden in a random place across a map similar to the one used in Ghoul Mode within 2 minutes. 3 or 4
9 Island of Dangerous Aliens 1 or 2
10 Island of Hidden Imposter Defeat Dark Elf Imposter within 3 minutes. 1 or 2
11 Island of Riddles Players must correctly choose which of three similar-looking monsters exactly match the picture given. 3 or 4
12 Island of Pitiful Slave Defeat Manticore Lord Kram within 3 minutes. 3 or 4
13 Island of Hidden Armory 1 or 2
14 Island of Hidden Map Fragments Similar to the Hidden Room (and Secret Path) minigame, players must navigate around vigilant mobs to open three treasure boxes within three minutes. 1 or 2
15 Island of Hidden Waterfall Defeat Rubaq White Tail within 3 minutes. 1 or 2
16 Island of Resilient Hero 1 or 2
17 Island of Coffin Guardian Defeat Red Flame within 3 minutes. 1 or 2
18 Island of Powerful Invaders Similar to the boss stage in the Sea Dragon Nest, the player must face Serpentra, although this time, the player must break the super armor of its tail within 4 minutes. 3 or 4
19 Island of Foggy Nightmare Defeat Scarlet Scythe within 3 minutes. 1 or 2
20 Island of Duplicated Mirrors 1 or 2
21 Island of Dangerous Tornadoes Similar to the latter stage of Bumpy Road, the player must navigate through tall pillars and strong tornadoes and reach the end within 2 minutes. 1 or 2
22 Island of Rampaging Pirates Defeat Captain Darlant within 3 minutes. 1 or 2
23 Festive Treasure Warehouse The mandatory last map, the game ends as soon as the player reaches this map. Loffy gives a bonus Lagendia Gold Key (which is not counted in Gold Key rankings) and a Lagendia Coupon on this map, and players are free to use their Lagendia Gold Keys to open normal treasure boxes for 1 Gold Key or jackpot treasure boxes for 7 Gold Keys. 1

Removed Stages Edit

Former No. Name Objective Gold Key Reward
1 Island of Hidden Spores The player must eliminate all enemies within 2 minutes. 1 or 2
3 Island of Mirror Images 1 or 2
9 Island of Shadow Images 1 or 2
11 Island of Raining Bombs 1 or 2
14 Island of Hidden Map Fragments (old) An old version of the map involves destroying crates and boxes to locate five map fragments. The objective must be done within 2 minutes. 1 or 2

Rewards Edit

Aside from minimal amounts of gold obtained by the player on each map, the Festive Treasure Warehouse allows players to open as many treasure boxes as along as there are enough Lagendia Gold Keys in the player's inventory. Normal treasure boxes cost one Gold Key, while jackpot treasure boxes cost seven Gold Keys.

Rewards include gold, Dragon Jades, Heraldry Plates, Rare-grade Friendship Items, Magic-grade Talismans, Lagendia's Origin, Octagonal Water, various exchange items like Goddess' Laments and Marks of Erosion, and the Lagendia Box, which can give 30-day cash items or a set of permanent wings.

Changelog Edit

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