Leap Over EX
Leap Over EX
Leap Over is enhanced.
Spins on the ground for a while to pull nearby enemies and flies
Damage reduction during pull 20%
Leap Over ATK +35%
Learned by
Class Defensio
Type Passive Enhancement
Attribute Neutral
Mana Cost 2220 MP
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 55
Skill Points 0 SP to learn
65 SP used on Patrona skills
Required Skill/s Beat Down EX
Leap Over
Gameplay Video
Leap Over EX00:06

Leap Over EX

Defensio Skills
Repair Repair Overboost (D) Overboost (Defence)
Taunting Blow Taunting Blow Beat Down EX Beat Down EX
Leap Over EX Leap Over EX
Air Shove EX Air Shove EX
Class Mastery Class Mastery Beyond the Wall EX Beyond the Wall EX
Class Mastery II Class Mastery II Taunting Blow EX Taunting Blow EX

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