Level is a gaming term that refers to several concepts in Dragon Nest:

Common DefinitionsEdit

  • The level of characters and mobs represent the strength and difficulty needed to defeat that character or mob. In a hypothetical case, a character of a particular level can fight in equal terms with another character of mob of the same level, except when faced with bosses and minibosses, which are designed to be more difficult to defeat than a regular mob of the same level.
  • Items and quests are also given a level designation. This gives players a guideline on the difficulty of a quest or the usefulness of an item.
    • Items and equipment of a certain level can only be used by players of at least that level or higher. The level of a piece of equipment determines the stats it can give to the character when equipped.
    • Quests are often given levels based on the tasks involved to complete the quest. For example, a quest which involves clearing any difficulty of Abandoned Welton Hollow requires a character level of a least 24.
  • Enhancement levels are added to equipment when they undergo enhancement. Additional stats are given to that equipment when they reach a particular level, like additional Max HP or defense.


  • Skill levels are the designation of a skill's mastery. Increasing levels for a skill increases its effects. For example, Level 6 Lightning Bolt deals higher damage than a Level 1 Lightning Bolt skill.
  • Secondary skill levels are given to signify one's advancement in one of three secondary skills: fishing, farming and cooking. Attaining higher secondary skill levels gain players access to more powerful items.


  • Colosseum Ranks can be considered as a counterpart of character levels for PvP. A player can climb to higher Colosseum Ranks by participating in Colosseum matches.

Other UsesEdit

  • The term "level" is also used to pertain to instances of a particular difficulty.

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