In online games, episodes are a term used as a title for a series of consequent updates, at times covering several months, with a common theme. Oftentimes, an episode also involves an advancement in a game's story, like a chapter in a book.

In Dragon Nest, the concept of episodes was introduced during the release of the Kali and Level 50 content. As of the latest patches in the Chinese server, there are four known episodes in Dragon Nest (excluding Episode 0).

Episode 0: Dragon NestEdit

Unofficially called "Episode 0", this is the primary stages of the story of Dragon Nest, covering content from the Level 24, 32 and 40 caps and the stories from Mana Ridge, Prairie Town, Calderock Village and Saint Haven.

In a forested town called Prairie Town, a girl named Rose was taken away by the forces of the Red Army, following the orders of the dark elf commander Elena. Meanwhile, deceit slowly creeps through the Cleric Order as the long-running strife between the Clerics and Sorceresses of Mana Ridge rage on. As Rose, also known as the "girl of the prophecy", becomes the center of a campaign that would disturb the peace of Lagendia, adventurers rise to stop this new threat using their newfound strength.

Elsewhere, a girl who claims to have come from the future emerges from a wreckage in Mana Ridge, telling the story of how the world she originated from fell from grace and how the heroes who rose up to defend Lagendia were defeated without fulfilling their mission. This time, she aims to change that dark past at all costs using her knowledge to retrace the steps of history.

Episode 1: Dance of ApparitionEdit

The first episode officially announced, it includes the introduction of the sixth base class and the story of Lotus Marsh, the home of the Natives. In the story, the inhabitants of Lotus Marsh and the nearby Riverwort Wharf face different problems, including the aggression of the Assay tribe, which has recently formed an allegiance with the Dragon Followers and the plague that spreads across the land. Meanwhile, the girl regarded as the "Shadow of the Prophet", the Kali, appears in Prairie Town, her story melding with that of the five previously released classes.

Across the sea from Hermalte Port lies Lotus Marsh, a town inhabited by Natives, a race of people rumored to be related to the Ancients who roamed Lagendia long ago. Although the threat of the Dragon Followers have been thwarted from the Saint Haven front, there are still a sizable force established in the forests of Riverwort Wharf, not to mention a deadly epidemic is slowly taking the lives of the Natives, transforming them into monsters.

The mission to save Rose is still not over. Rumors say that the Prophet was taken away by sea by the treacherous Bishop Ignacio, and so the adventurers continue their journey, crossing the sea to Lotus Marsh to look for and save Lagendia's key to survival. Joining them is a mysterious girl who is called the "Shadow of the Prophet", who after losing everyone she holds dear now goes on a solitary journey to follow Rose to the path she chooses to take.

Episode 2: Desert StormEdit

Following Episode 1 is the expansion of content from the Level 50 and 60 caps.

Episode 3: Code Name ZeroEdit

Episode 4: Twilight RequiemEdit

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