Loffy the Beggar
Npc left beggar
Gender Male
Race Human
Alias Blood Thirsty Loffy
Occupation Street beggar
Former pirate captain
Current Location Saint Haven
Status Alive
Additional Information
Star Sign Sagittarius
Blood Type B
Height 168 cm
Weight 77 kg
Likes Hounds
Female elves
Dislikes The Bright Light

Loffy the Beggar is a street peddler found lying on the streets near the southern fountain of Saint Haven. Once known as a heartless pirate who ravages the seas beyond Hermalte Port, he is now seen on the streets ranting about the Hound barking on his head and the end of days, as if he lost his wits.


Loffy was once a hooligan who is notorious in Saint Haven as a troublemaker, often ending up in fights with the Free Adventurers' Guild. However, after several defeats in the hands of strong adventurers, Loffy decides to leave to the sea, becoming a pirate. He quickly became famous after he overthrew a pirate named Redbeard and took on the crew as his own, although he later shows a more good-natured side when he focused the leadership of his crew on brotherhood and camaraderie.

He soon receives a map from then Queen Narsilia, which was interpreted as a map towards a treasure called the Goddess' Heart, located in a place "where no human dared to tread on". Loffy soon began the search of this treasure and eventually reached the place where the Goddess' Heart was located. However, upon seeing the light that emanated from it, Loffy lost his entire crew and his sanity at once, and Loffy returned to Saint Haven as the deranged beggar known by everyone.

Very few people believed that Loffy is actually the Pirate King Loffy, but recent exploration, along with the accounts of his previous crewman Pirate Smith, reveal that Loffy was actually the notorious Pirate King.


Loffy Bromide Preview


Loffy Bromide


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