Lotus Marsh
Loading lotusmarshtown
Location Southwestern continent of Lagendia
Race/s Beastmen
Instance Info
Instance Type Town
Recommended Levels At least Level 40

Lotus Marsh is a town located southeast of Saint Haven, reachable by airship or a charter ship from Hermalte Port. It is the home of a humanoid race called Beastmen and a haven to those who arrive from Saint Haven through Riverwort Wharf. It is open for adventurers above Level 40, and is a transit point for dungeons of Levels 41-60.


Lotus Marsh is a settlement with most of its land set on marshland and surrounded by thick jungle. Most of the houses built here are round homes with cone-shaped thatched roofs, raised above the watery ground using wooden foundations. Due to the wet and humid environment, animals like frogs, firelies, and storks can be found in abundance.


Very little is known about Lotus Marsh's early history and its connections with the abandoned Ancient settlements in Riverwort Wharf. Lotus Marsh was revealed to be part of a reclamation plan by Saint Haven to acquire more land for its expanding population during the reign of Feder. Using a ring acquired from the Elves as one of the Three Treasures and a jewel that was later discovered as the treasure of the Water Spirits residing in Ruins of Lost Time, Lotus Marsh was made hospitable.

Through the years some of the tribesmen, including Merchant Lucita and her brother Suriya, were sold as slaves and workers to other places, including Saint Haven, and very few were able to return to their home. As of the present, the inhabitants of Lotus Marsh are a mix of beastmen, humans and elves.

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