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Npc left lunaria
Gender Female
Race Artificial lifeform
Current Location Anu Arendel
Status Alive
Voiced by Kanae Itō (Japanese)
Additional Information

Lunaria is a mysterious woman who has the power to travel through time, and has the mission of getting to the Monolith. She refuses to speak about herself much, only giving vague explanations. In the past, she met an adventurer during her travels and got close to him. This traveler is the assassin or better known as Illusion. Illusion claims Lunaria is related to a Goddess. It's later revealed after illusion died that Lunaria is a fragment of Vestinel summoned by Sage Arno when he was still corrupted by using thousands of sacrifices, with the purpose of using her to open the Monolith.

At the beginning, Lunaria managed to persuade Illusion to travel with her in her quest to open the Monolith. Through their travels, they formed a strong bond and fell in love with each other. Lunaria sides with King Feder as he also has the same goal as her which was to open the monolith. She later helps him defeat Argenta who tried to stop them from achieving their goal.


  • Early concept art depicts her with a different robe and carrying a sword, suggesting she originally had a different role.
    • Filename read "assassins_girl_friend.jpg".

Name OriginEdit

Lunaria is type of flower. The name in latin means "moon shaped" referring to the shape and appearance of the seedpods being like silver circles and it's a direct reference to Lunaria's color scheme.

In the language of flowers, Lunaria means "Honesty".


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