History of Lunascent according to Elf Guard Citridel

"Lunascent was a vast powerful country in the east. The book says that it flourished for about 2000 years. They were the ones who managed to become the most powerful after the fall of the Ancients.

According to the legends, the royal family that founded the kingdom had special powers. But they made sure the secret about those powers was controlled tightly and know one knew how they managed to get them. Some even say that what they were hiding was the goddess, but the authors of all the books i read sceptical about that rumour.

Moreoever, they suffered from coutless natural disasters even before they were conquered by Feder. It was as if nature was telling them the days of their kingdom was over, so the people in Lunascent thought it was because the heaven was displeased with the royal family.

Most of the members of the royal family are said to be good looking and strong, but i guess good looks doesn't translate to good governance. At the end of its days, the kingdom suffered from tyranny as well... Even when the people were starving from famine, the royal family held lavish feasts.

Even right before the country fell to Feder, half of the palace was filled with blood, and other half was filled with laughter from parties...

Phew, the smell of blood would have stopped any party for same people. I really don't like this aspect about humans...

But what's more amazing is that even after their kingdom fell, the people from lunascent continued their culture and traditions!

They hate Saint Haven so they can usually be found in the Fragrance Palace which is the old capital city of Lunascent. I'll take a visit on my next vacation."

It was later revealed that before the tragedies of Lunascent Kingdom, the Red Dragon Rubinart burned the whole kingdom.

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