Madman's Laboratory
Location Tel Numara
Boss Madam Claudia
Instance Info
Instance Type Dungeon
Recommended Levels 60 (Abyss)
Party Size Limit 4
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Madam Claudia (boss)

Madman's Laboratory is a Level ?? Dungeon located in the Tel Numara area near Riverwort Wharf.


After the creation of life at Miracle Altar, Professor K started a full-out preparation for the creation of another life. He set up a laboratory in a deserted place in Meteor Crash Site and caught all the animals, plants, and mutants nearby to conduct experiments on them. His experiments were carried out for 6 years before they were abruptly stopped due to his disappearance. The experiments on live subjects started again when Professor K’s younger sister, Madam Claudia, carried on with his research in the abandoned lab.

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