Gender Male?
Race Ancient
Age Unknown
Current Location Gigantes Nest
Status Deceased
Additional Information

Maha was an Ancient that flourished long after the death of what was presumed as the last Ancient in Lagendia, Bishas Arnobius. He last appeared ten years before the present time, the same period as when Clara and Leon appeared in Calderock Village.

After living for a long time in a secluded village with the last Ancients, Maha began a journey across Lagendia, writing journals which were later found in Meteor Crash Site Boundaries, Meteor Crash Site Core and Mutant's Habitat. Here, he expressed his anguish over his powerlessness and vowed to exact revenge to the "cowards" that were blessed with power. The journal revealed that there is civil unrest between the Ancients who retain the powers of their predecessors and those without. (Heraldry Scholar Stas speculated those powers to include prophetic powers similar to the one Rose obtained.) For this reason, Maha strove to gain power at all costs, and this ultimately brought him to reawaken the Gigantes, a massive machine created by the evil Ancients from long ago.

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