Mail is a basic form of in-game communication which involves sending messages and/or sending items or gold between players or from the game system to the player.


Sending and receiving mail requires access to a mailbox, which is found in each town and city in Lagendia. Clicking on a mailbox while in range will bring the player to the mail UI, which contains the messages inside the mailbox and buttons for composing a new message. Enter the name of the desired sender and the content of the message (may be left blank). Gold and one item can be sent along with the message as well. If using a Premium Stamps item, the limit for mailing items is increased from one to five, and the player is able to send five letters per day instead of three.

Mail and TradingEdit

Due to the ability of mail to carry gold and items, mail was known as a viable way to trade with another player. However, mailing items and gold for trading with between players has been frowned on by more players nowadays due to the security issues with sending items and gold due to the lack of any guarantee that the other person would comply to the trade. While mail scams are a bannable offense, even Game Masters (and forum moderators when faced with complaints about mail scams) advise players to avoid using mail for trading and instead rely on the Trading House when in need of Agates or equipment, for example.

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