Mana Ridge
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Location near Blizzard Plain
Race/s Humans
Instance Info
Instance Type Town
Recommended Levels 1-10

Mana Ridge is a small town located at the top of Frost Hill and the home of the Cleric Order and the Fairystar, the main factions of Clerics and Sorceresses respectively.

The town of Mana Ridge is a welcoming haven in the midst of the bitter cold of Frost Hill, and is also the witness to the ongoing conflicts between the Cleric Order and Dark Tower. At the foot of Frost Hill are the main sanctuaries of both groups, Silent Monastery and Marian's Shrine respectively, and orcish and goblin encampments can be found there as well.


Mana Ridge can be accessed by following the road from the town to Calderock Village, passing through Cristal Stream and heading to the rightmost path (if facing away from Calderock Village) and simply following the road ahead. Aside from this, one can directly travel to Mana Ridge by taking an airship from any town or city.

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