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Qn mandra son
Gender Male
Race Mandragora
Age 12
Alias "The Prince of Nature"
Relatives Mama Mandra (mother)
Status Alive
Voiced by Park Kyong Hye (Korean)
Shiori Izawa (Japanese)
Additional Information
Star Sign Ginseng
Blood Type  ?
Height 100 cm (Above the average mandragora height)
Weight Column muscle
Likes Mama Mandra
Fertile soil
Sweet-smelling dung
Dislikes Cold places

A mandragora whose lineage is part of a long historic culture belonging to the mandragora race.

He comes from a noble family and is rumored to be a prince in line for succession to the throne of the land.


VS Mandra
    • To avoid his capture, Mandra challenges the Player to a Pokémon Battle.
    • The Player's moveset for this fight will be Giga Drain, Supersonic, Sand-Attack and Seismic Toss.
    • Mandra only known move is Fury Swipes, which the Player takes Super Effective damage from. This should be impossible due to Normal type being impossible to hit Super Effective on any type.
    • Mandra takes damage from Sand Attack, which should be impossible due to it being an Status move.
    • Mandra takes Super Effective damage from Seismic Toss, making him either a Rock, Steel, Normal, Ice or Dark type.

In other localizationsEdit


Korean for Mandra


Japanese name


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