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Npc left ithilien
Gender Female
Race Elf
Age 82
Hometown Anu Arendel
Occupation Archer trainer
Current Location Saint Haven
Status Alive
Additional Information
Star Sign Capricorn
Height 167 cm
Weight 43 kg
Likes Tasty food
Cute flowers
Sincere people
Dislikes Strong smelling food
Irresponsible people
Affiliation Free Adventurer's Guild

Master Archer Ithilien is the only member of the Silver Crescent Archers who participated in the Black Dragon Raid 50 years ago. Even after so many years, she remained in Saint Haven pretending to help young elves. Still harboring doubts about Geraint's actions since the battle, she has no longer blames him for his disapperance.


Ithilien is an elf who wears a green robe-like dress and styles her hair by doubling up her locks and tying it in place. She possesses a gentle personality which makes her easy to approach, although she keeps her innermost doubts and regrets inside her.


Aside from being a member of the Silver Crescent Archers, Ithilien is also an elf who is looking for her Telezia. During this time, she fell in love with an unnamed human. However, the man died of old age, and this caused Ithilien to dedicate herself in helping out adventurers from Saint Haven.


Ithilien Bromide Preview


Master Archer Ithillien


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