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Npc right lotus archerzenya
Gender Female
Race Elf
Age 135
Occupation Master Archer
Current Location Lotus Marsh
Status Alive
Voiced by Shiori Izawa (Japanese)
Additional Information
Star Sign Aries
Height 161 cm
Weight 40 kg
Likes Sports
Butterfly shaped objects
Dislikes Non-direct speaking
Complex problems.
Affiliation Free Adventurer Guild

An elf whose name means "Butterfly" in Native language. She used to be a member of the Silver Crescent Archer team and settled in Lotus Marsh after meeting a Native. Easy going, healthy character, likes to work out.


  • She is currently the second oldest-known person with a confirmed age in Lagendia at 135 years old.
    • She is beaten by the elf Yuvenciel, who is stated to be at least 500 years old.

In other LocalizationsEdit


North American name

North AmericaEdit

Zenya is said to be an elf with a huge interest in human culture, but actually has a great misunderstanding about it. Most of her dialogue involves giving a piece of trivia about humans eagerly, but it's often wrong. It is said that she also likes touching people.

Skill Trainers
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Academic : Academic Station
Kali : Hermit's Totem
Assassin : Shadow Neko
Lencea: Eltia
Machina: Martial Artist Xiaolong

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