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Npc right lotus yohan
Gender Male
Race Hybrid
True Name Paru
Occupation Cleric
Current Location Lotus Marsh
Status Alive
Additional Information
Affiliation Free Adventurer's Guild

Master Cleric Johan is the Cleric skill trainer assigned in Lotus Marsh. Despite being called a "traitor" by his fellow tribesmen for worshipping Altea, Johan continues to help the hybrids scattered throughout Riverwort Wharf.

Skill Trainers
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Archer : DeannaAdelynnIthilienZenya
Cleric : ThomasJermainEnochJohan
Sorceress : CynthiaTianaStellaTamara
Academic : Academic Station
Kali : Hermit's Totem
Assassin : Shadow Neko
Lencea: Eltia
Machina: Martial Artist Xiaolong

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