Master Sorceress Cynthia
Npc left soceresscynthia
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Sorceress trainer
Current Location Mana Ridge
Status Alive
Voiced by Amy Mar (English SEA)
Additional Information

Master Sorceress Cynthia is the Sorceress trainer assigned to Mana Ridge. She appears as sharp-tongued and harsh towards her apprentices and even more towards the Clerics in town, but she shows a certain degree of concern towards her fellow Sorceresses nonetheless. She somewhat hates tedious work, and often gives this to Tara, one of her apprentices, although at times she ends up doing the work from her colleagues in Calderock Village and Saint Haven.

Cynthia fought in the army along the Six Heroes fifty years ago, and got infected with the Black Dragon's blood. She has kept herself healthy thanks to her staying in Mana Ridge, due to the large amounts of mana emanating from the place.


The Vision OrbEdit

Due to the rising concerns with the Sage's relics, namely the Sage's Staff and the Vision Orb, the latter which is in the safekeeping of the Fairystar, Cleric Thomas requested to know more the current situation with the Vision Orb. Cynthia immediately showed her trust in the Sorceresses who watch over the Vision Orb, but was alarmed upon finding out that Dragon Followers are involved. Despite loathing the thought of asking help from Clerics, Cynthia decides to allow them to investigate.

Cynthia was relieved to find out that the Vision Orb is still in the sealed room located within Parelina's Resting Place, although she was somehow disappointed to her sisters for being defeated to easily. She then asks the Player to retrieve the key from one of the Sorceresses guarding the sealed room and retrieve the Vision Orb. To Cynthia's rage, the Player was unable to retrieve the Vision Orb in time when it was stolen by a minotaur sent by the Dragon Followers. A latter mission at Silent Monastery, however, ends with the Vision Orb successfully retrieved.

After securing the artifact, Cynthia kept the Vision Orb in her house. However, the Vision Orb was stolen again, and the culprit's tracks point to Frost Wind Valley Entrance. Cynthia later orders her sisters to join the Clerics in pursuing the culprit on Frost Wind Valley. Unfortunately, Cynthia's team was unable to find the culprit there, and the Dragon Follower managed to escape through a door in Frost Wind Forest. After revealing the presence of an old passageway that leads to the lowest floor of Marian's Shrine, Cynthia urged the Player to head to Marian's Shrine to catch the culprit.

Cynthia was left in the dark about what happened involving the actual confrontation. Later on, she performs the ceremony of the prophecy with Master Cleric Leonard, combining the Vision Orb with the Sage's Staff and revealing the identity of the prophet, which came by the name of Rose, a girl later found out to be targeted by the Red Army and the Dark Overlord Army.

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