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Npc right lotus soceresstamara
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Sorceress trainer
Current Location Lotus Marsh
Status Alive
Additional Information
Star Sign Taurus
Blood Type B
Height Slightly taller than Lady Kayleen
Weight Slightly lighter than Lady Kayleen
Likes Housework, Accounting, Office Works (Fairystar Magic Division)
Dislikes Bad food, Opportunists, Flattery
Affiliation Free Adventurer Guild
Fairystar Magic Division

Tamara is the Sorceress trainer of Lotus Marsh. She was one of the disciples of Karacule, along with Stella and Lady Kayleen, and developed a rivalry with the latter. She eventually put a halt to her rivalry with the Court Sorceress as she decided to live peacefully in Lotus Marsh and become a "Family Woman". Unfortunately, and similarly to her teacher, Tamara is a horrible cook and her food is so bad it's been compared to poison.

Tamara took care of Cidel as if she was his real sister, and also helped take care of her sick teacher Karacule until her death. She currently works for the Fairystar Magic Division. 


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