Hello, me, iezzuanbbs as a founder want talking to the contributor.

This wiki is created by myself, but left abandoned for 2 years. When I come here, there are a lot of improvements. Thanks for contributing this wiki. My purpose creating this wiki is to use as my personal project. And I need help to add some information about Dragon Nest SEA (South East Asia). But no one come here and I left this project. The next year, I feel sorry when I left this wiki, I feel shocked when i see there are some contributors help improving this wiki. I then start to add some information in this wiki. Then I left this wiki again because the private reasons.

Anyways, thanks again for contributing this wiki. I hope the viewer can get full informations about Dragon Nest SEA.

Welcome back :) Churrumais (talk) 09:08, November 15, 2012 (UTC)


  • You may use your own format to create articles.
  • For starters, you may use this format.
    • The first one is use Infobox template. Fill the information about the articles (Such as monster, NPC, etc.)
    • Type the main information. You can tell something about what/who is that. Then tell the basic usage of items/NPC. Or you can say what is the characteristics of the monster.
    • Next is type everything you know about article. The viewers may know and use the informations when playing.
    • Final is use "See also" tactic. Put some articles that related to the article you wrote.



Founder of Dragon Nest SEA Wiki.

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