Mind Breaker
Mind Snapper
Enter [Normal Attack Button] during Sliding Step or Dash to electrocute nearby enemies while turning one round. Attacked enemies will be stunned at a certain probability.

Additional 30% damage for nearby enemies
Learned by
Class Priest
Type Instant
Attribute Light
Cooldown 10 sec (PvE)
20 sec (PvP)
Mana Cost 173 MP (PvE)
694 MP (PvP)
Maximum Level 11
Debuffs Electrocution: Causes periodic shocks that interrupt actions every 5 seconds until the debuff wears off.
Character Level 16
Skill Points 3 SP to learn
1 SP to increase level
25 SP used on Cleric skills
Weapon Used Wand
Gameplay Video
Mind Breaker00:05

Mind Breaker

Mind Breaker is a Priest skill available at Level 16. When the Normal Attack button is used during Sliding Step or Dash, it creates a large orb of lightning that travels forward, dealing Light-attribute magic damage and attempting to electrocute enemies in its path. Enemies closer to the orb will be dealt 30% more damage.

Skill Information Edit

Skill Level Level Required ATK
1 16 96% 61%
2 21 117% 64%
3 26 203% 69%
4 31 289% 73%
5 36 375% 81%
6 41 652% 108%
7 46 738% 119%
8 51 824% 128%
9 56 910% 137%
10 61 995% 146%
11 (M) 66 1272% 170%

Modifiers Edit

  • Inquisitors can learn Mind Breaker EX, which adds an elemental resistance reduction debuff and suction effect to the orb created by Mind Breaker.

In Other LocalizationsEdit

Mind Snapper

North America

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