Miracle Altar Conservation Area
Location Tel Numara
Race/s Kalamari
Assays (undead)
Rune Tigers
Boss Scarabee Amigo
Instance Info
Instance Type Dungeon
Recommended Levels 60 (Abyss)
Party Size Limit 4
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Kalamari Fuego
Queen Spider Arachne (two)
Cyclops Franken
Scarabee Amigo (boss)

Miracle Altar Conservation Area is a Level ?? Dungeon located in the Tel Numara area near Riverwort Wharf. On the outside, this forested area is teeming with mutated life from the meteor fragments scattered around. However, deeper inside is one of the laboratories abandoned by Professor K, now the lair of a powerful Scarabee.


10 years ago from now, a well-known bioengineer of Saint Haven, Professor K, was collecting samples near the Meteor Crash Site for his research on mutants. By chance or by fate, he found a jewel with enormous life energy there. The professor saw the potential to realize his dreams with the jewel’s power and worked on his experiments right away. However, he could not get any progress despite years of research. But the professor did not give up. Thinking of his wife who ended her life in misery because of a mysterious illness 10 years ago, he could not give it up even if it had only 1% chance of resurrecting her. The pure passion soon degenerated into madness and obsession, and the professor became fanatical about his experiments. And one day, the life form that he wished so much for was finally created. However, the professor had no idea that it was actually created naturally by the jewel’s own powers. The professor named the place where the first creation was born as the Miracle Altar and blocked outsiders’ access to the area.

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