Miracle Relic
Miracle Relic
Magical pentacle of light is flown to the front and it lands when the [Normal Attack Button] is pressed. It attack enemies, protects and remove debuffs for allies. Summoned relic will have 100% of summoner's attack and defence powers, and a certain amount of summoner's max HP.
Physical damage reduction: 30% (PvP: 58%)
Magical damage reduction: 30% (PvP: 58%)
Buff Duration: 20 seconds (PvP: 6 seconds)
Relic Duration: 13 seconds
ATK when summoned: 25%
Learned by
Class Priest
Type Instant
Attribute Light
Cooldown 125 sec (PvE)
225 sec (PvP)
Maximum Level 2
Buffs Miracle Relic: Damage received is reduced for the buff's duration.
Character Level 40
Skill Points 3 SP to learn
1 SP to increase level
45 SP used on Cleric skills
Required Skill/s Bind Relic or Heavenly Judgement
Weapon Used Wand
Gameplay Video
Miracle Relic00:14

Miracle Relic

Miracle Relic is a Priest ultimate skill available at Level 40. After using the Normal Attack button following a short delay, it summons a massive relic that removes debuffs from and reduces the damage taken by nearby allies. Waves of energy also emanate from the relic, occasionally dealing Light-attribute damage to nearby enemies.

The relic gives a buff that reduces damage taken from physical and magical attacks by 30% (58% in PvP). The buff lasts for 20 seconds (6 seconds for PvP).

On PvE, when summoned, it deals damage equivalent to 25% attack on nearby enemies on impact. On PvP, the impact instead gives a debuff that increases the damage taken by nearby enemies by 25%.

Skill Information Edit

Skill Level Level Required ATK
1 40 1430% 813%
2 (M) 60 1696% 955%

In Other LocalizationsEdit

렐릭 오브 미라클

Relic of Miracle, Korea

Grand Sigil

North America


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