Mist Nest is one of the two nests available for level 70 players.

Mist Nest
Location Garden of Time and Space
Race/s Elves
Boss Weeping Mist Queen
Instance Info
Instance Type Nest
Recommended Levels 70
Party Size Limit 4
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Wailing Gatekeeper Ornird
Rusty Mist Gustcry
Hermit Lycan Haylen
Weeping Mist Queen

History Edit

The Elf Queens spent their whole lives on protecting the Tree of Life... Their sacrifices have allowed the lives in the Forest of New Moon to continue.

However, with more and more areas becoming contaminated by the Goddess's nightmare, the Elf Queens' souls began to be distorted and destroyed. Their noble love was tragically tainted with darkness.

Tree of Life alone can't protect the whole Forest of New Moon. Eventually, an evil monster that mimicks the Tree of Life has been born out of the Queens' corrupted souls.

Elf Elder found it too painful to kill the Elf Queens' souls himself, even though they had been corrupted. So he seeked help from the adventurers.

Now, adventurer. Save the souls of the Elf Queens who dedicated their lives for the Tree of Life. Please destroy the nest of the evil monster that has spread its roots in the Forest of Night.

Gallery Edit

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