Mistland is the mysterious world created by the goddess Vestinel, in contrast to her sister Altea's Lagendia, and the lair of the only dragon in that realm, the Beyond Dragon. Very little is known about Mistland, but it can be assumed that it is a very dangerous place for anyone from Lagendia, based on the existence of the Monolith as Lagendia's first line of defense against inhabitants from Mistland.

In the future where the Future Technician originated from, the Red Dragon was able to claim the Monolith as his and created an opening that allowed the denizens of Mistland to invade the surface of Lagendia.

Background Edit

The current Mistland was different from the one initially created by Vestinel. Compared to the "paradise" created by Altea, her dreamworld was met with fright from her father Desmodeus. Consumed by jealousy, Vestinel not only poisoned her sister, but also used Altea's dreamworld as a "blueprint" as a basis for her own dreamworld. As a result, Mistland appears as a familiar-looking dreamworld to those who came from Lagendia, populated by roughly the same kind of beings as in Altea's world.

The similarities between Mistland and Lagendia immediately end with mere appearances. The dominant religion in Mistland is loyal to Vestinel, led by the Oracle who acts as a vessel to the goddess herself, and every single inhabitant of Mistland possesses a very small fragment of the Beyond Dragon which, when awakened, can turn them into Childs, embodiments of Vestinel's will.

Despite the dominance of Vestinelian faith in Mistland, there are some humans who broke away from Vestinel's will and began opposing her rule over the land. This eventually became the impetus for the creation of the Anti-Goddess Faction, who actively opposes the actions of the ruling Army of Destruction, who seeks to penetrate the Monolith and engage the inhabitants of Lagendia in bloody conflict.


  • Based on the name itself, it may be possible that the Mistland is named as such due to the appearance of the realm itself. Also consider the fact that the Abyss is also known for being covered in a white mist, suggesting a possible connection between the Abyss and Mistland.

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