Monkey Catch
Monkey Catch
Escapes current location forward aerial tumble. Hold [backward direction key] when using the skill to tumble [backwards]

During Monkey Catch tumble, enter [Normal Attack Button] or [Special Attack Button] to deal damage and quickly evade to the front or back one more time.

Enter [Jump key] during forward or backward tumble to activate Monkey Catch skill in the respective direction.

Learned by
Class Hunter
Type Instant
Attribute None
Cooldown 7 sec down to 3 sec (PvE)

10 sec (PvP)

Mana Cost 0 MP
Maximum Level 5
Character Level 35
Skill Points 3 SP to learn

1 SP to increase level
35 SP used on Archer skills

Weapon Used Crossbow
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Monkey Catch is a Hunter skill available at Level 35. Hunter will perform long tumble twice with Monkey Catch.

Skill Information Edit

Level Req. Level ATK Cooldown
1 40 237% 123% 7s 10s
2 45 242% 125% 6s
3 50 248% 126% 5s
4 55 254% 127% 4s
5 60 260% 128% 3s
6* 60 286% 141% 2s
7** 60 306% 151% 1s

* Requires skill accessory
** Requires skill accessory and skill +1 heraldry

Skill Trivia Edit

  • This skill can be cast in mid-air
  • This skill can not be chained into [Aerial Tumble], but can be chained from [Aerial Tumble].
  • First jump direction can be controlled by [forward], [backward], [left], or [right] key.
    • pressing [left] or [right] key will have major forward direction, with slightly bent to left or right direction respectively.
  • First jump has about 66% shorter distance to 2nd jump.
  • Second jump forward distance is shorter than second jump backward distance.

In Other LocalizationsEdit

Monkey Roll

North America

See Also Edit

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