Queen Nerwin Narsilia
Gender Female
Race Elf
Age More than 50 years old
Hometown Anu Arendel
True Name Narsilia
Alias Elf Princess
Occupation Bowmaster (formerly)
Queen of the Elves (formerly)
Current Location Anu Arendel
Status Deceased
Additional Information
Affiliation Silver Crescent Archers

"Telezia is calling for me."


Nerwin was an elven Archer who joined the Six Heroes during the Black Dragon Raid. After their victory over the Black Dragon Karas, she returned to her hometown of Anu Arendel, where she became the queen of the elves as Narsilia, the name she adopted after attaining her Telezia.

In one of the side quests the player can take at Anu Arendel, it is revealed that she had a relationship with a fellow elf named Ritto. Ever since she became Queen Narsilla, she had no chance of seeing him. As such, she wrote a letter conveying her thoughts, passing it to the wandering Lianna, who in return gave it to the player to pass it to Ritto.

In the letter, she realized that despite all the things Ritto did for her out of love, Ritto did not look at her as "Nerwin" anymore, and that his smile masked his pain inside. Nerwin felt tormented at this, saying that the pain she felt due to the Catastrophic Rain was nothing compared to the sleepless nights Ritto had in taking care of her. She desired to call Ritto by his old name again and feared that he would disappear from the world. She thanks Ritto for staying by her side as the Elf Elder, even though she is selfish.

Nerwin states that her life is ending soon, and wonders if the new Queen could convey her thoughts to him.


Chapter 10 : TeleziaEdit

When Yuvienciel attempts to strike Nerwin down in her residence, claiming that doing so will free the rest of the elves from their Telezia, he is attacked by Rozalinde from behind. In the subsequent chaos, Yuvienciel and Nerwin both vanish, and Rozalinde flees the scene. When prompted, Triana tells the player that Nerwin will be falling into a deep sleep soon, and that Yuvienciel is now the new King of The Elves.


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