Nightmare Stage
Location Saint Haven > Boundary Gate > Nightmare Dungeon Waiting Room
Instance Info
Instance Type Dungeon
Recommended Levels Lv93
Party Size Limit 4
Entry Limit 3 per week

The Nightmare Starlight Garden, also known as the Nightmare Stage, is a Level 93 instance made up of two levels of increasing difficulty.

Background Edit

It used to be a garden of dreams, a beautiful land now tainted black from the Goddess’s nightmare. The darkness now calls to evil, turning this once sacred place into a garden of nightmares.

Get Nightmare points from monsters who have become one with the nightmare and ask the Priestesses to purify them and get rewarded at the same time!

Overview Edit

The Nightmare Starlight Garden is comprised of 2 levels – Nightmare I and Nightmare II. The difficulty level will increase as the level becomes higher.

The monsters in Starlight Garden will spawn randomly. For each monster killed in the Starlight Garden, you will receive Nightmare points and the Nightmare Gauge will be filled up. When the Nightmare Gauge reaches the halfway mark, a random event may be triggered, such as providing a buff that reduces cooldown, a curse that increases spawn rate, or mobs that provide additional Nightmare points when killed within the time limit. When the Nightmare Gauge is full, a portal to the next nightmare level will open and the countdown for Nightmare Guards will begin. The Nightmare Guards may be killed for additional Nightmare points, but if the party fails to clear them, they can no longer enter the next nightmare level.

Nightmare points collected can be exchanged for various items at Saint Haven’s Priestess of Darkness Mocha or at Priestess of Darkness Praline in Nightmare Dungeon Waiting Room. Nightmare point is not an item so it will not be stored in your inventory.

Changelog Edit

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