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Orc Kim
Orc Kim
Gender Male
Race Orc
Age 21
Status Alive
Additional Information
Star Sign Aries
Height 183 cm
Weight 20 HU
Likes Muscular body
His father
Dislikes Losing

"If you don't come, all your friends will have girlfriends and boyfriends except you! Hahaha. I'll make sure you feel the fear of loneliness." -- Orc Kim

Orc Kim, also known as Orc Gim in some translations, is the son of the orc warrior Typhoon Kim, one of the most noted warriors who fought the human resistance during the Siege of Calderock. Compared to his powerful father, Orc Kim doesn't seem to have the strength his father possesses, but his hot-blooded personality and his obssession with the Player as his rival eventually becomes a recurring issue that the Player faces numerous times. He hopes to be a champion Orc like this father but his dream was shattered when he was unable to defeat his arch-rival. His ultimate goal is to defeat his rivals again and restore his pride.


Using Master Warrior Chandler as a bridge of communication, Orc Kim begins to send letters about challenging the Player to a one-on-one battle. Upon the answer the Player, Orc Kim waits for him in Prayer's Resting Place, where he would suffer constant losses against the Player.

Eventually, Orc Kim is dragged into the conflicts in Black Mountain and lost his memories and his memento axe in the process. After being rescued by the Player from the chaos in Fortress of Dark Overlord Army, Orc Kim treats the Player like a friend, to which the Player outright denies. Later, the Player returns Orc Kim's axe and later triggers the orc's memories to return. After remembering everything about his challenges against the Player, Orc Kim challenges the Player once more to a series of battles, although he continues to face defeat in the Player's hands.

Typhoon Kim Nest Edit

Typhoon Kim started reuniting all the orcs for the survival of the orc species. Orc Kim had to return and he sent a letter to the Player about it.

The Player then heard about Typhoon Kim is having an alliance with the Dragon Followers. The Player enters Typhoon Kim Nest to stop Typhoon Kim where the Player encounters Orc Kim once again. Orc Kim was defeated yet again and the Player slained Typhoon Kim. Orc Kim was seen taking over Typhoon's Kim weapon, succeeding his father.

Destruction of Saint Haven Edit

Orc Kim aided King Feather in attacking Saint Haven. (Seen in Black Dragon Nest)


In other localizationsEdit

Landslide Krag

North American name


Japanese name


Korean name

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