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Origins are a type of limited-duration equipment that, unlike armor, weapons and accessories, are drunk from bottles like a potion. When "consumed", origins commonly give a certain set of additional stats. However, they are more commonly used in nests, where certain origins also give a chance to protect the user from certain skills from certain boss skills.

Only one origin can be active at any given time. Using a new origin will remove the previous origin's effect regardless of time remaining and will not be returned. Origins typically lasts for 1 day, 7 days or 24 days. Bonuses from the origin is only active in dungeons and nests but the timer will continue to run even while offline.

Obtainment Edit

One free origin, lasting 24 hours, is usually given every month from the monthly attendance event. Origins may also be acquired from dragon nests or be purchased from Gosuk using Mark of Erosion.

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