Enter [Special Attack Button] on stunned enemies to hit the enemy upwards with Knuckle Gear.

ATK: 139% (PvP: 129%)
Learned by
Class Machina
Type Passive
Attribute Neutral
Cooldown 3 seconds
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 6
Skill Points 1 SP to learn
Gameplay Video


Machina Skills
Low Reel Hook Low Reel Hook Pivot Gun Shot Pivot Gun Shot Elbow Attack Elbow Attack Hit and Heap Hit and Heap
Bouncing Reaction Bouncing Reaction Handstand Handstand Body Check Body Check Tumble Tumble
Lariat Lariat Overblow Overblow Fly By Fly By
Smashing Blow Smashing Blow Charging Gear Charging Gear Nitro Charge Nitro Charge
Aerial Evasion Aerial Evasion Physical Mastery Physical Mastery Mental Mastery Mental Mastery
Overhowl Overhowl Mind Conquer Mind Conquer

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