Overheat EX
Overheat EX
Overheat is enhanced.
Action speed is increased and the number of beating attack is greatly increased.
Number of beating attacks increased by 30%
Learned by
Class Ruina
Type Passive Enhancement
Attribute Neutral
Mana Cost 8888 MP (PvE)
14814 MP (PvP)
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 80
Skill Points 2 SP to learn
65 SP used on Patrona skills
Required Skill/s Overheat
Gameplay Video
Overheat EX00:09

Overheat EX

In Other LocalizationsEdit

Pressure Burst EX

North America

Ruina Skills
Overcharge Overcharge Overboost (A) Overboost (Attack)
Overheat Overheat Flow Up EX Flow Up EX
Flow Through EX Flow Through EX
Flying Knee Kick EX Flying Knee Kick EX
Class Mastery Class Mastery Kidney Blow EX Kidney Blow EX
Class Mastery II Class Mastery II Overheat EX Overheat EX

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