Parelina's Resting Place
Location Secret Path, Blizzard Plain
Race/s Orcs
Boss Troll Jukuruku
Instance Info
Instance Type Dungeon
Party Size Limit 4
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Troll Jukuruku

Parelina's Resting Place is a Level ?? dungeon located on the Secret Path near Frost Hill. This was once an important site for Sorceresses as it held the remains of Parelina, a famous Sorceress, and the place where the Vision Orb was kept for safekeeping. However, after an attack by minions working under Elena, the once serene resting place is now turned into a lair for Elena's minions.


This dungeon will allow beginning players to accustom themselves in the combat style of trolls, which involve curling up into a ball and rolling at intense speeds towards the player. Although Jukuruku is very easy to handle, players less accustomed to the game must proceed with care, especially when using characters with less defense and/or hit points, as Jukuruku may become a threat to those who haven't learned how to navigate around the map at this stage.


  • Troll Jukuruku

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