Patch Version 101 is a patch update released on July 16, 2013. The update adds a new chapter to the Main Quest, Extra Chapter 1: Desert Storm, as well as four new dungeons: Intruder's Forward BaseMadman's Laboratory, Miracle Altar Conservation AreaTel Noir Temple. The update also includes Suffix II for Level 60 equipment, opens the Goddess Breath shop, and adds new items to Guild Rewards.

Changelog Edit

New Content Edit


Cash Shop Edit

  • Monthly Costume: Vaper Costume Set
  • Hero EXP Scroll 100%
  • Skill Tree Expansion Ticket
  • New Faces and Hair Styles

Updates Edit


  • Removal of Afro Hair System Event
  • Level 60 Ladder Season Now Open (All existing unused Ladder Points will be converted to Goddess's Medals)
  • Colosseum Elite Shop Update
    • Added: New Decal
    • Added: New Pet Steel Hound
    • Removed: Rock Of Blessing
  • Level 60 items added to Colosseum Store
  • Guild Level now increase from 25 to 30
  • Increase obtained concurrent quest limit from 25 to 40
  • Quest [PvP Win Records] is removed, PVP tutorial quest starts at Lv 32 as [Gladiator Path]
  • Daily Stamp System Revamp
  • Multiple UI Enhancement:
    • Inventory Cash Shop Tab with Categories
    • Colosseum Ranking Info UI
    • New emblem for Combo Practice Area
    • Job Icon can now be seen in Ladder Match List
    • Guild Contribution Info UI
    • Option to turn off party member skill effect
    • Additional 2 Skill Quickslots
    • Relocation of Invisible Thief
    • Return to Last town Info
    • New Pop-up window
    • Rank Reward Waiting time
    • Exiting Skill Window when skill video window is open can now be done with a single ESC key
    • Fatigue refresh timing can now be view in Fatigue tool tip
    • Dungeon rank reward waiting time shortened if all chests selected

Cash Shop Edit

  • New Cash Shop UI Revamp
  • Removal of Limited Edition Marine Costumes

Skill Balance Edit

  • (PVP) Mercenary: Flying Swing damage reduction is reduced 50% (75% > 37.5%)

Fixes Edit

  • Quest Translation Errors

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