Patch Version 107 is an update that took place in 14 October 2013.


  • Paculta's Powders (Lv24-60) added back into the Goddess Teardrop Shop


  • Dragon Fellowship Cutscene Text Alignment
  • Dragon Fellowship Dishes now working
  • Organic Invincibility Elixir and Organic Recovery Elixir for use in Desert Dragon Nest
  • White Dire Wolf removed from Altea Gacha Box
  • Moonlight Splitter EX, Crescent Cleave EX & Cyclone Slash EX for PVP
  • Moonlight Splitter EX Range Damage +50% (PVE)
  • Lv60 Unique Ladder Armour Set Bonus
  • Holy Shield (PVP/PVE)
  • Unique Enhancement Plates can now be properly removed with the "Returning Heraldry" Option via Heraldry Scholar NPC
  • Halloween Costume Set for INT Primary Stats selection for Sorceress and Archer
  • Dragon Nest SEA 2nd Anniversary Hat Appearance

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