Patch Version 108, also known as Declaration Of War: Desert Dragon Memoria, is an update that took place in 05 November 2013.


New ContentEdit


  • Desert Dragon Memoria
  • Desert Dragon Practice mode

Cash ShopEdit

  • Monthly Cash Costume



  • Desert Dragon Nest and Memoria related recipes added to Cooking Shop
  • Desert Dragon Nest related Origins added to Hatred Pirandello 3rd Floor
  • Removal of Halloween Theme town
  • Removal of Halloween Attendance Event
  • Desert Dragon Nest clear limit increase to 2

Cash ShopEdit

  • Removal of Limited Edition Halloween Costume
  • Removal of Limited Edition 2013 Halloween Double Surprise Box
  • Altea's Gacha Box Update:
    • Added: Limited Edition Light Weapon Exchange Coupon
    • Added: Limited Edition Phantom Mount
    • Added: Limited Edition Wings of Light Dragon


  • Green Dragon Nest dish "Mental restoration elixir" unable to remove confusion effect.
  • Active 'Guild Bonus' sometimes not displaying the full list.
  • Text errors of "Burning Hand" and "Critical Break" heraldry plates
  • Paladin "Lightning Zap" bugged crawling lightning effect at higher skill levels
  • Calderock Village NPC "Invisible Thief" moved back down from the tent-top
  • Desert Dragon Nest "Loyal Follower Kajif" stage not dropping Recovery Fragments
  • Remote quest "Occupied Ancient Temple Challenge 5" unable to be completed
  • Translation for Halloween attendance event reward titles
  • Optimization of game client loading screen

External LinksEdit

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