Patch Version 116, also known as Shadow of Death: Assassin, it's an update that took place in 18 March 2014. Notably this patch opened the creation to the Assassin class, and the access to Guardian Nest.


New ContentEdit


Cash ShopEdit

  • Monthly Costume
  • Assassin Normal Grade Costume (90% Discount for Limited Time)
  • Rare Weapons design update: Punk Rocker set



  • Level Up Achievement Reward Box notification icon added.
  • Server Event info guide added (when events such as EXP event is in progress, an icon will appear beside the Guild info guide icon).

Cash ShopEdit

  • Removal of Limited Edition Costume
  • Altea's Gacha-Box Update:
    • Added:
  • Limited Edition: Guardian Dragon’s Wings
  • Limited Edition: Guardian Dragon’s Mark
  • Limited Edition: Guardian Dragon’s Tail
  • Costume Synthesis Device’s Rare Costume design update: Punk Rocker set
  • Skin Color, Eye Color and Hair Dye Pouches now have all the colors in Cash Shop
  • Removed: Limited Edition Flame Dragon’s Wings


  • Treasure Stage minimum level requirement was wrongly increased to level 70.
  • DWC shop is missing ‘General Stock’ tab.
  • "Warp Guide" and "Elf Guard" NPC option "[Use Warp]" wrongly displayed as "[Inside the Royal Castle]".
  • Royal Guard NPC warp options were bugged and has square text.
  • Jumbled message shown when enhancing items.
  • Title Collection “Real fighting than practice!” no longer requires Professor K Nest Practice mode and Typhoon Kim Nest Practice mode.
  • Goddess's Origin giving damage boost in Ghoul Mode bug.
  • Skills that behaved erratically when used in conjunction with Dragon Fellowship Special Skill Heraldry has been fixed. Eg. Arrow Shower with Frost Nova Special Skill Heraldry.
  • Master and Apprentice Information interface alignment bug.
  • Various translation errors, including Arrow Shower EX skill description.

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