Patch Version 125, also known as The Dark Divide: Conquer The Chaos, is an update that took place in 20 May 2014.


New ContentEdit


  • Chaos mode for Anu Arendel dungeons
  • Talisman Crafting system
  • Dragon Jade Crafting system
  • Goddess's Lament Store (via Priestess of Darkness NPC)

Cash ShopEdit

  • Limited Edition Fantasie Ziyo Costume (with Weapons)



  • Blacksmith Merlin's Daily Quests updated
  • New 'Long term mission' Achievements added under 'Schedule' tab
  • Goddess's Breath rewards for Schedule Missions replaced with Goddess's Lament
  • Assassin's Special Level Up Reward Box can no longer be obtained

Cash ShopEdit

  • Removal of Limited Edition Baseball Costume (with weapons)
  • Altea's Gacha-Box Update:
    • Added: Limited Edition Purple Weapon Exchange Coupon
    • Added: Blue Sparkling Ring (Rare grade)
    • Added: Brilliant Star Fragment Ring


External LinksEdit

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