Patch Version 152, also known as Flame of Destruction, is a major update that took place in December 16, 2014. Level cap was raised to 80, and added content to complement this upgrade.


New ContentEdit


  • Level cap increase from 70 to 80
  • New EX skills
  • 8 New Anu Arendel dungeons added
  • Main Quest continuation (Chapter 11 & 12)
  • New Side Quests added

Cash ShopEdit

  • Limited Edition Christmas Costume (with weapons)
  • Global Campaign
  • Various Map changes to Towns and Instanced zones
  • Christmas Event
  • Christmas Login Event
  • Christmas Attendance Event
  • Santa Orc added in Wonderful Theme Park
  • Santa Orc NPC added in various towns



  • EXP required to level is reduced from Lv 39 onwards.
  • Adventurer's Guild Master NPC's '[Guild Option]' chat selection shifted below '[Quest]' option to prevent accidental withdrawal from guild.
  • Wonderful Theme Park's 'Treacherous Path', ‘Monastery Treasure Warehouse' and 'Boss Rush (Saint Haven)' max level limit increased to level 80.
  • Flawless Jewels in Mission Point Store replace by Premium Jewels.
  • Removal of Goddess's Breath Store at Priestess of Darkness NPC.
  • Level Up Achievement Reward Box (Skill Initialization Scroll moved to Level 80 Reward Box)
  • Removal of Deceptive Stronghold
  • Anu Arendel Dungeons (Chaos/Abyss) level limit change from Lv. 70 to Lv. 65
  • Added Lv. 70 Unique Ladder Set to Ladder Store
  • Added Lv. 70 Colosseum Store

Cash ShopEdit

  • Removal of Limited Edition Pirate Costume (with weapons)


  • Fixed an issue where Enhanced Circle Break has no impact sound.

External LinksEdit

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