Patch Version 166, also known as the Ready to Rumble Game Patch, is a patch update released on May 19, 2015.

Changelog Edit

New Content Edit

General Edit

  • Rumble Mode Battlefield
  • System Login Event

Cash Shop Edit

  • New Monthly Costume: Wedding Costume
  • Sasha Pet Accessories: Harori Costume Accessories

Updates Edit

General Edit

  • Added new Colosseum Shop: Battlefield Fighter’s Gold Coin Store
  • Added new Battlefield Info in Character Info

Cash Shop Edit

  • Removal of Ziyo Costume Blessed Seraphic Costumes
  • Removal of Velskud Treasure Box
  • Altea's Gacha-Box Update
    • Added: Blessed Wedding Tail
    • Added: Blessed Wedding Wings
    • Added: Blessed Wedding Kiss Decal
    • Added: White Glory Wings Earrings
    • Added: Pink Feather Fountain Pen Spirit

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Inquisistor Enhanced Skill Bug Fixed (PVP)

Known Issues Edit

  • Dragon Tear Accessory Set Bonus issue

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