Patch Version 175, also known as the Enter a Brave World: Blitzwood Game Patch, is a patch update released on August 25, 2015. The patch officially ends the character creation period for Dark Avengers, as well as adds a fifth world in the server, Blitzwood.

Changelog Edit

New Content Edit

General Edit

  • New World: Blitzwood
  • Abyss Expansion Lv.80
  • New Quest & Side Quest: Extra Chapter 4. The Red King and the Red Dragon

Cash Shop Edit

  • New Monthly Costume: Space Pirates Series
  • Summer Costume (Only available with Space Pirates Costume Package Purchased)

Update Edit

Seasonal Content Edit

Cash Shop Edit

  • Removed: Cherry Blossom Series Costume
  • Altea Gacha-box Update
    • [Added] Darkness Gust Dragon Medallion
    • [Added] Space Pirate Tail
    • [Added] Space Pirate Wings
    • [Added] Space Pirate Decal
    • [Added] Captain Octopunk Spirit
    • [Removed] Griffin
    • [Removed] Clear Sky Black Armor Wing
    • [Removed] Clear Sky Black Armor Decal
    • [Removed] Clear Sky Black Armor Tail

Bug Fixes Edit

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