Patch Version 177, also known as The FInal Conquest Game Patch, is a major content patch update released on September 22, 2015. The update releases the Red Dragon Nest as well as removes seasonal game features.

Changelog Edit

New Content Edit

General Edit

Cash Shop Edit

  • New Monthly Costume: Argenta's Costume (Note: there is 2 different package, 1 package bundles with Lucid Hero's Necklace and package is without. Please check before purchase.)
  • Lucid Hero's Necklace (Also available with Special Argenta Costume Package)
  • New Minion Costumes
    • [Sasha] Mini Argenta Hat
    • [Sasha] Mini Argenta Costume
    • [Eddie] Mini Velskud Hair
    • [Eddie] Mini Velskud Costume

Update Edit

  • Removal of Previous Seasonal Content
    • Rumble Mode
    • Lagendia Exploration Season 2 (Will be removed on 26 Sep)
    • Ladder 3v3

Cash Shop Edit

  • Removed: Space Pirate Costume
  • Altea Gacha-box Update
    • [Added]Flaming Firebird Wings
    • [Added]Flaming Firebird Tail
    • [Added]Flaming Firebird Decal
    • [Removed] Space Pirate Tail
    • [Removed] Space Pirate Wings
    • [Removed] Space Pirate Decal

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Doom Blade and Puppet Skill Issue
  • Missing Gosuk Origins Store

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